The Trust has funded a wide range of publications covering aspects of Islamic art and architecture, Muslim - Christian relations and Middle East history.

A keystone of the publications programme has been a trilogy on the Islamic heritage of Jerusalem produced over the last 25 years. The third and final volume 'Ayyubid Jerusalem: The Holy City in Context 1187 - 1250' edited by Robert Hillenbrand and Sylvia Auld, was published in June 2009. With the two already published volumes 'Mamluk Jerusalem' (1987) and 'Ottoman Jerusalem' (2000) the series provides a major study of the architecture of Muslim Jerusalem by leading international scholars.

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The publication programme was extended in 2011 to include a history of the Gulf region: 'The Emergence of the Gulf States: Studies in Modern History' with contributions from leading scholars of the region edited by J.E. Peterson. The book was published by Bloomsbury Academic in Spring 2016.
"There is so much of value in this work. Anyone who wants to understand the modern Gulf should read and re-read the work and reflect on it. It is beautifully produced."(Journal of Asian Affairs)

Many of the images within this website have been taken from a previous publication, 'Renaissance Venice, Islam and Mahmud the Kurd' by Sylvia Auld, published in 2004.