Outreach and Supported Projects

Assistance to Outreach and Community Education in the UK

The Trust has supported the work of the Prince of Wales's School of Traditional Arts and Lancashire County Council in a community project based in Burnley to teach and promote traditional design in a faith context with the aim of fostering social cohesion in an area of high unemployment.

Assistance to Museums, Libraries and Galleries

Since 2008 the Trust has supported the British Museum's annual Curatorial Summer School in providing the opportunity for museum curators from Iran, Palestine, Kenya and Sudan to become involved in the workings of the British Museum and so assist conservation in those countries as well as deepening the Museum's links with key overseas partners.
The Trust has assisted with the funding of a series of exhibitions and schools projects in the Brunei Gallery at the London School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) featuring Islamic arts and crafts.
The Trust has made grants over the past six years to the Library of the Kenyon Institute in Jerusalem, a unique research facility accessible to all, to help fund the key post of librarian and for refurbishment. The Trust has also previously made grants towards the renovation of the Arab Hall at Leighton House in London and towards preservation work at the Royal Library at Windsor.

Support to Societies in Conflict

The Trust has sought to support efforts being made in war torn countries in the Islamic World to rebuild civil societies. To this end the Trust has assisted the Post war Recovery and Development Unit at the University of York through the Al Tajir Lectureship and through financial assistance to scholarships for individual students.
The Trust has also supported with donations charities working for the health of Palestinians and of women and children in the poorer Middle East states. These include Medical Aid for Palestinians and St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital.
The Trust is a supporter of the Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House).

Publications and Lectures

The Trust has provided a number of publishing support grants and assisted with lectures on aspects of Islamic culture; these grants have been largely to institutions within the United Kingdom.


The Trust has made grants towards the renovation of the Arab Hall at Leighton House, London and towards the preservation of the tent of the Mahratta ruler, Tipu Sultan. As a Millennial gift to the Royal Library at Windsor Castle the Trust paid for the conservation and rebinding of the great 1648 Shah Nama manuscript which contains 149 miniature paintings by two leading artists of the Safavid court.


The Trust financed and organized a major conference at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park in July 2000. These proceedings were published under the title 'Christians and Muslims in the Commonwealth A dynamic role in the future', edited by Anthony O'Mahony and Ataullah Siddiqui. This was followed with a further conference at the University of Melbourne in January 2004, again with the aim of enabling Commonwealth Christians and Muslims to develop their mutual interests and concerns within a global context.
The Trust is a supporter of the Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House).